Welcome to The Little Barker Bakery we are open for orders and making sure that we are working in a covid safe way

Darcey our Labradoodle joined us in 2009 and being part Labrador we didn’t anticipate a picky eater but she turned her nose up at proprietary food and dog treats. This led us to look for more natural ways to treat Darcey and consider the potential benefits of quality ingredients on her health and wellbeing. Lou started to bake natural treats for Darcey and she loved them! When out walking her park pals also gave them the paw of approval leading their owners to ask for the same biscuit treats for their dogs. From these simple beginnings, Lou continued to develop a range of natural, handmade biscuit treats and The Little Barker Bakery was formed. Darcey remains our Chief Taster and oversees all production with great commitment. In 2013 we all said ‘Hola’ to Chica a Spanish Podenco rescued from a shelter in Spain. Chica was a scared, anxious and confused dog when she arrived and Darcey has been key to helping her overcome her issues. Chica loves her role as trainee taster and feels she landed on her paws having moved from Perrera to Pawtisserie.

We are of course all ruled by the cats who provide consumer reviews of all feline products. They are very clear that they do this as a favour and for the greater good of cats everywhere.

Not all animals are as fortunate so we are committed to helping animal rescues and animal welfare